Who Can Join XBΛ?

Every student who achieves superior performance in a CBL program has earned an honorable distinction, period. If your school is one of our member institutions, that is fantastic. If not, that is OK too. Chi Beta Lambda also welcomes alumni; as long as individuals meet our student membership criteria, they are eligible regardless of graduation year.

XBΛ Student Eligibility

Must have earned at least 24 credits in a regionally or nationally accredited CBL program with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 (i.e., equivalent to A-).

Must have earned at least 12 credits in a regionally or nationally accredited CBL program with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 (i.e., equivalent to A-).

An unofficial transcript must accompany all applications. Supplemental documentation (e.g., a letter from the school) will be required if a transcript does not clearly indicate credits were earned via CBL.

Students Without a GPA

Chi Beta Lambda understands the evaluation process in CBL programs commonly eliminates letter grades. If your school does not award letter grade equivalencies for GPA calculation, you still may be eligible for membership. Please contact us at admin@cblhonors.org prior to submitting your application. We will work directly with your school to verify your performance. Additional processing time may be required, but our team will do everything we can to prevent disqualification simply due to program constraints.

XBΛ Membership Details

What does membership include?

What is the cost?

XBΛ Member Benefits

Students who choose to join know that honor society membership gives them an edge both as a student and graduate.

Chi Beta Lambda dedicates a portion of our proceeds to help members reduce their education costs. Biannually, we award a $500 scholarship (i.e., Spring & Fall). Eligibility is for life, so students can use the funds for their current program & alumni can apply if they decide to continue their education at any point in the future.

Chi Beta Lambda offers unique cords, stoles, & medals for our members to show the world they went above and beyond what was required to earn their degrees. Honors regalia is undoubtedly the way to make memorable graduation photos & spice up social media. Chi Beta Lambda can help you celebrate your hard work loudly and proudly.

Chi Beta Lambda membership is a mark of prestige & distinction in academia. Individuals who are unfamiliar with CBL often wonder if these degrees are respected in the workplace. We are here to permanently resolve those doubts as a symbol of your outstanding achievement in an acclaimed program.

Employers and graduate schools are always looking for well-rounded individuals. Chi Beta Lambda membership looks great on a resume, can make your graduate school application more competitive, & can help take your LinkedIn profile to the next level. Chi Beta Lambda will help you grab attention in your next endeavor.

Commonly Asked About Honor Societies

"Is it legit?"

When students are approached by an honor society, forums and social media typically beam with this question. Students are often skeptical when invited to join organizations separate from the school, especially when there is a fee. They want to verify it is not a scam and confirm that the organization is valid. 

Chi Beta Lambda is a real company. We are insured, registered with the appropriate government agencies, and we are in the final process of becoming licensed in e-commerce. In compliance with state and federal law, we are waiting for that licensure before we begin accepting members.

"Is it worth it?"

The question “is it worth joining?” frequently rings across social media groups and online forums about honor societies. Many students are apprehensive about spending time or money on something without knowing the return on investment. 

That is one of the reasons we transparently focus on low cost, simple offerings. Most honor societies tout a mile-long list of benefits to sell students on high membership fees. That is not our style. Maximizing value is our priority so you don’t have to ask this question.

If you have any looming doubts, please do not feel pressured to sign up.