Faculty Eligibility

Educators may apply for membership, or their institution may nominate them. 

Faculty Applicants

Candidates for membership must have at least one year of experience working in a CBL program. We are looking for faculty members committed to using transparency to improve CBL & desire to promote Chi Beta Lambda’s ideals. 

Faculty Nominees

In addition to the applicant criteria, nominees must have made a demonstrable contribution to CBL. Examples include scholarly publications or leading a substantial positive change within the CBL program at their school.

Why Does XBΛ Honor Educators?

Educators Make CBL Possible

CBL brings a myriad of unique administrative and instructional challenges. Many programs face issues with funding, capacity, and inconsistent implementation. Formative instruction requires educators to be multidimensional & customize their approach to meet each learner’s unique needs. This student-centeredness pushes many educators outside their comfort zone, and some even need to redefine their teaching identity. It is not easy to reconceptualize grading practices, design new curriculums, or traverse communication barriers. Creating a collaborative environment where students feel empowered to take control of their learning may be the most challenging of all. The individuals who make these programs possible should be celebrated.

Educators Can Improve CBL

Faculty members are vital to the pursuit of Chi Beta Lambda’s mission and vision. We value the unique perspective faculty members offer on CBL. Wedged between the learner and the institution, they can provide insight into both the student experience & faculty experience and internal program operations. From a macro perspective, the voices of educators and students are equally important. Students do not experience CBL in a vacuum. Overall improvement of CBL, including the faculty experience, is necessary to enhancing conditions for students. Our conversations about CBL must include educators to be truly productive.

XBΛ Membership Details

What does membership include?

What is the cost?

XBΛ Faculty Benefits

Educators are always looking for ways to contribute to their field. Chi Beta Lambda membership is a mark distinction that will help you enhance CBL’s reputation in academia. 

Career advancement gives educators the power to make a difference. Chi Beta Lambda membership is a great way to declare your values & achievements to potential employers.

A passion for lifelong learning often goes hand in hand with being an educator. Biannually, we award a $500 scholarship (i.e., Spring & Fall). Faculty members are eligible and encouraged to apply.

Faculty members have the unique experience of attending graduation ceremonies every year. Chi Beta Lambda’s unique cords, stoles, & medals are a great way to display dedication to your field.