Which Institutions Are Eligible?

Higher education institutions (e.g., colleges & universities) with a regionally or nationally accredited CBL program are eligible to join Chi Beta Lambda & operate a chapter. We hope to work with high schools in future years once we are able to expand the scope of our operations.

Chapter Flexibility

We encourage institutions that offer CBL learning models to establish Chi Beta Lambda chapters to enhance those programs’ value. When people dedicate their time and energy to something, it can become a great source of pride. Thus, it is incredibly rewarding when our hard work, effort, and achievements are recognized. Our chapters can be leveraged to improve satisfaction among learners & educators alike.

Forming chapters can facilitate cohesion that is often missing from alternative education programs. These virtual groups can serve as a space for CBL students to engage with the school and their peers. We understand the social needs of CBL students are very fluid, so chapters are advised to tailor operations to fit their organization. Some schools may choose to hold meetings and events, while others may not.

Institutional Benefits

Multilevel Involvement

If your organization chooses not to join XBΛ or your internal guidelines prevent you from doing so, we ask that you consider participating with us.

Member Institutions

Participating Institutions